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A Personal Note from Dr. Chein

Predicting Life Expectancy, Extending Health Span,
And Reversing Biological Age

How Hormone Balancing Therapy Can Reverse the Effects of Aging


The human aging process takes each and every one of us on an incredible – and sometimes disturbing – journey. You begin the journey in your mid-20s with a young, powerful, and flexible body. You can hardly imagine being in any other state than youth. But over time, this once beautiful and young body slowly loses muscle mass and accumulates fat. Your skin becomes thinner, begins to sag, and develops age spots and wrinkles. Your hair turns gray and starts to fall out. At the end of your journey you are the same person, but you are traveling in a completely different body. Your body continues to change each year, increasing your chances of death.

Some animals do not go through this aging process. Seagulls are known to live as long as 100 years. Older seagulls move as fast and function as well as young seagulls. When the life span of a seagull is up, it simply falls into the ocean and dies. No seagull has ever suffered from arthritis, stroke, heart attack, or angina

Because of positive developments in anti-aging and longevity medicine, humans may be able to avoid the aging process as well. The discovery of the telomere, that portion of human DNA that controls life span in cells, is one such development. Another is the discovery of the enzyme telomerase, which keeps the telomere of our DNA healthy and operational, capable of giving human cells immortality.

Since telomerase will not be available for several years, it is of special significance that scientists have discovered HORMONES to be the only substances to positively impact telomerase. It is no wonder that hormone balancing therapy has been so successful in improving age-related diseases and reversing biological age.

In the past, scientists believed that our hormone levels dropped because we aged. Today we know that the converse is true: we age because our hormone levels drop. We know that maintaining hormone levels can prevent age-related diseases and turn back our biological age, thereby increasing our health span and life expectancy. Most of all, it improves our quality of life by bringing our hormone levels up to those of a young adult.

The cells of our bodies reproduce every several months or years, depending on what type of cells they are. But the young cells do not keep us young. A wrinkled mother skin cell will produce a wrinkled daughter skin cell. How do these cells know our biological age? The information about our biological age is communicated to the DNA by hormones. As hormone levels in the body decrease, less hormone is attached to the cell wall, and a weaker electrical signal is given to the DNA of the reproducing mother cell. This is the signal that tells the DNA that our body has aged. Therefore, the daughter cells will be reproduced in the old or diseased state of the mother cells.

By increasing the hormone level, the DNA of the mother cell can be signaled to work again. Once the DNA receives the signal that the body is that of a 20-year-old, it will reproduce young, healthy daughter cells, and these cells will reverse our biological age.

Scientists have known for some time that the aging process and hormone levels are connected, but that knowledge has been virtually ignored by most physicians. How often does the average physician check a patient’s hormone levels during an annual physical examination? How often do we visit the doctor’s office complaining about fatigue because we no longer have the physical stamina we once had?

If we have no serious medical condition or pain, most doctors will answer our complaints with the remark, “You’re just getting old, and we can’t do anything about it.” The same doctor will not hesitate to give you medication when your blood pressure goes up, even though that is also a sign of aging. As you can see, there are two standards. When doctors are faced with high blood pressure, they don’t hesitate to treat it. But when faced with declining hormone levels, they do nothing.

Our Commitment to Your Health and Longevity

At the Palm Springs Life Extension Institute, we take a different view. By restoring your hormone levels to those of a 20-year-old, you can restore your energy, productivity, physique, and appearance, as well as your virility. This has been proven by athletes all over the world, to the point that some hormones are being banned by the International Olympic Committee and other athletic organizations. Any risk associated with restoring hormones can be controlled by not restoring them beyond the 20-year-old level and by using bio-identical hormones that are not chemically synthesized.

The Palm Springs Life Extension Institute was the first in the United States to discover, advocate, and patent total hormone balancing therapy. We were also the first to replace and balance human growth hormone in adults, to advocate and practice replacing the thymus hormone, and to discover the best sites for transdermal testosterone application to avoid increasing harmful dihydrotestosterone levels that can cause prostate enlargement. We were also the first to advocate replacing and balancing the hormone pregnenolone.

Today, the Palm Springs Life Extension Institute continues to bring you the latest advances in longevity medicine. Our commitment to ongoing research ensures that you will be among the first to be offered cutting-edge medicine. Our research has discovered how arteries can be unblocked and how the disease multiple sclerosis can be reversed.

While the Palm Springs Life Extension Institute was the first in the United States, many clinics now offer telomere-sustaining hormone replacement therapy. Choosing a longevity clinic deserves serious thought and investigation. The quality and length of your life are at stake. If I were looking for a longevity clinic, I would look for a program that checks and replaces all hormones, not just one or two. (If all hormones are not balanced, replacing only one or two hormones may actually be detrimental to one’s health.) I would also choose a clinic with an experienced staff who has treated many patients and continues to track them carefully. The Palm Springs Life Extension Institute has a superb record in these areas.

You owe it to yourself to remain young and healthy so you will be around to avail yourself of the knowledge, experience, and wealth that you have gained with age. We are confident that the Palm Springs Life Extension Institute is the best choice to help you get those extra years and to enjoy what you have earned.

Yours Sincerely,

Edmund Chein, M.D.


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