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Active Ageing

Active ageing…if you are over 40 and think that keeping fit is just for young folk then think again!  Keeping fit and active will help you to feel fantastic at 40, fabulous at 50, stupendous at 60, stunning at 70 and ever so independent at 80 and beyond! 

Active Ageing is about staying active, keeping healthy and maintaining your independence no matter how old you are.  As we get older our muscles become less elastic, we feel stiff if we sit down for long periods of time – and first thing in the morning when we wake up; ordinary, everyday tasks become tougher – carrying the shopping, pushing the vacuum or lawnmower, reaching up to pick things off shelves and soon we start to feel ‘old’. It doesn’t have to be that way – we can combat it. 

Activities such as Pilates will help to keep you flexible and keep joints mobile, and the more advanced Pilates classes like hard core will help keep you toned and trim; while the hi-energy classes like Fabulates and Hi-Lo Circuits will help keep your cardiovascular fitness up while strengthening and toning but WON’T impact heavily on knees and ankles. 

What are you waiting for?  Talk to me today and don’t get old, get active!

Chair-based exercise…
even if you are less mobile you can still exercise and maintain a positive and healthy approach to life with creative chair-based exercise routines that increase your muscle strength, flexibility and coordination. Less mobile doesn’t just mean old, either! What about those recovering from illness or injury?  

Just because we call it chair based exercise doesn’t mean it’s going to happen sitting in a chair!   What about increasing the challenge by exercising whilst sitting on a fitball?  See if you can do it without laughing! Exercise of any kind will release chemicals into the body that make us feel happier and if we are happier then we are fitter!


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